Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My FAVORITE baking and cooking blogs!

Reading other blogs inspires me: what topics to write, how I should sound, and it gives me inspiration for my personal baking and cooking adventures. Luckily, I am part of the Girl Power Hour (http://girlpowerhour.com/) Blogging Community, which gives me access to LOTS of different female bloggers in different industries.

Blogging is simple, that is why I started one for SC. I get to post amazing photos of the cupcakes I bake, interview fellow bakers and bloggers, geek-out on cookware, and tell all my readers all the fun foodie events that happen in the greater Seattle area.

I love reading unique, interesting, and well-written blogs. Check out my top blogs and see if any of your favorites are also mine!

Emily, living in LA, writes about "things that inspire her." Food, wine, and clothing are often topics on her blog. My favorite? All the very in-style fashion outfit photos she posts.

Half-Baked: The Cake Blog
Written by Carrie and fellow bakers, it is THE blog for anything wedding cake related. Want fun, new, and fresh ideas for cakes? This is the blog to read and be inspired from.

Another sweet baking blog, mainly focusing on small bites like cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

Order in the kitchen
From fellow social media pal, Lynn, "Order in the kitchen" is a cooking tale while trying to destress from law school. Ever since graduating from school, she is now one obsessed foodie, blogger, and cook.

Smitten Kitchen
One of the most popular cooking blogs out there, it is KNOWN for gorgeous photos. Deb writes and blogs from a tiny kitchen in New York to give the foodie community recipes worth drooling over.

Bella Cupcake Couture
Carrie, owner, is the creater of unique cupcake wrappers known as "Bella Cupcake Couture." Her blog is dedicated to anything wedding or event-related. Check it out for helpful decorating and holiday planning tips.

Bake or Break
This blog is great for a beginner baker! The author writes about her test baking batches in her NYC apartment.  Plus, the recipes are simple and easy.

17 and Baking
Elissa, now 18, started her baking blog at 16 while living in Seattle. She is a baking addict writes about her new hometown, Boston, delicious recipes, and new travels in her life. (PS: I love seeing young people starting a blog!)

The Plastic Free Chef
Mary Kat, only 17, is trying to make the world greener and less plastic! She has currently made her kitchen...plastic-free. She blogs about "plastic free" recipes she creates and how you can reduce the amount of unneeded plastic in your life. Wow!

Do you have a favorite blog? Let me know in the "comment" section or email me personally: kimmmoore63@gmail.com

Happy baking and blogging,

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