Sunday, 14 April 2013

Seattle Foodies: Feral Feast is happening TOMORROW!

Greeting fellow blog readers. I have been on a foodie heaven vacation: It started with the celebration of my "last-year-of-my-20's" birthday swaray at the very classy Rob Roy in downtown Seattle ( There are far too many delicious cocktails to pick a favorite one...
Then, the annual Seattle Restaurant Week ( started mid April and you can purchase a 3-course meal for $28. (Hey, that is less than what it cost to fill my gas tank!) It is a killer deal to go out and try new restaurants and foods you would not normally attend or consume.
On top of that, more birthday meals with friends and happy hour cocktail dates have me out and about verus cooking in for one.

Another tempting and delicious event, this month, for anyone and everyone in the Seattle food scene: Feral Feast! What is it? (Be sure to check out my previous blog post for my review!) A secret "pop-up" dinner hosted at GRUB restaurant (  in upper Queen Anne. Every month a new and inspiring menu is created for your tasting pleasure.

What is in store for tomorrow's feast?

Check  out the Span-Asian menu:

Course 1
Duck 'salad' served ban chan style;

Turnip greens, pine nuts, pickled currants, sherry vinaigrette, Quacklins'
Tortilla Espagnola; Duck ham, yukon potatoes, sambal alioil
Duck confit, blood orange, rhubarb
Fennel kimchi, pickled cucumber

Course 2
Zaru soba;

Cold soba noodles served with rich meat broth mentsuyu dipping sauce, pickled shiitake, nori

Course 3

House made chorizo, morcilla, braised pork belly
chickpeas w/ baby turnips, baby carrots and mint, roasted fennel, fennel pistou, sambal alioli

Course 4

Pineapple coconut milk ice cream, carrot cake w/ cardamom cream cheese frosting, lime zest, molasses

You can purchase tickets here:
Please remember gratuity and alcohol are NOT included.
Follow Feral on twitter: @FeralSeattle

See you tomorrow!
Happy Baking,

Monday, 8 April 2013

Beautiful Baby Shower Cupcakes!

This past Saturday, the typical Seattle spring rain suddenly stopped and sunshine beamed through the blue skies. It was a perfect and gorgeous day to celebrate Kristina's soon-to-be-born daughter! Close friends and family gathered in her very warm house.

Green and purple colors decorated everything from the balloons, to plates, candy, and table runners. I loved it! We all munched on light appetizers and saved room for my extra special cupcakes.

Peanut butter ganache
I created 4 delicious flavors: Peanut butter Ganache, Peppermint-Chocolate, Strawberry Swirl, and German chocolate.
Kristina's favorite?
 Peppermint-chocolate! (So was mine!)


I always loved German chocolate cake, thus made a mini version!

I truly enjoyed baking cupcakes for Kristina and wishes her and her family the very best with the new baby girl.
Happy Baking,

Thursday, 4 April 2013

dishcrawl Seattle presents: NeighborFOOD in Capital Hill on April 28th!

One of my ways to find out new foodie events in the Seattle community is through social media. Recently, I met Melissa, a kind, young, foodie diehard woman who repesents dishcrawl.
We met at pintxo (, a Spanish tapas restaurant in the heart of Belltown, for a small bite and sangaria.

“We started Neighborfood to rejoice and share in the things we love most: food, family, and our neighborhood,” says Dishcrawl Founder, Tracy Lee.

She explained to me what dishcrawl was all about: Creating fun and unique foodie events for the Seattle community. There are dishcrawl ambassadors through the country, thus no matter where you travel to, there will be a delicious dishcrawl event in the city! Melissa, being a new Seattleite, loves her job because it gets her a chance to explore the fresh Seattle food scene.

What is the next dishcrawl Seattle event? "NeighborFOOD' in Capital Hill. On Sunday April 28, from 2pm-5pm, they will merge with the Seattle Humane Society to give the community a tasty, easy-walkable food festival. Particapting restaurants will offer drink specials, so don't worry!

Checked out some featured items and restaurants that will be participating:

Manhattan - Pork belly mac and cheese

Marination Station - Best Taco Ever

Ayutthaya Thai Restaurant- Drunken Noodles with Tofu

95 Slider - Chicken and Waffles

Sam's Tavern - 50/50 Sliders

Plum Bistro - Spicy Cajun Mac ‘n’ Yease (vegan)

Capitol Club - Champiñones Al Ajillo

Cupcake Royale - Cupcake Surprise

Tickets are $40 ($45/day off)  and they can be purchased here -->

Be sure to tweet to dishcrawl: @dishcrawlSEA

For more information, contact Melissa:
Happy Cooking,

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

LATEST FOODIE INTERVIEW: With Lee Johnson, Kitchen Manager of the famous Cirque de Soleil show!

At my Bikram yoga classes, in downtown Redmond, ( I always meet great, unique, and happy people. Many are foodies, health freaks, and Seahawk fans. I recently met Lee Johnson, the kitchen manager of Cirque De Soleil show. We quickly bonded over a love of Korean food, hatha yoga, and kitchen life.

What is Cirque de Soleil? ( It is a dramatic, ariel-feasted, and visually stunning show that will leave you amazed and breathless! Cirque de Soleil comes, annually, to Redmond and shows sell

Before Lee left good old Redmond for his hometown, Toronto, I managed to ask him a few questions about his experience and work with Cirque de Soleil.

Check it out:

1) How did you get started with Cirque de Soleil?

I started with the Cirque du Soleil in July 2005. I was living in Toronto at the time and working in a small 50 seat bistro. I happened to see the job description in the Toronto Star classifieds. I applied but did not expect to hear anything. Two weeks later, I was interviewed. Four weeks after the interview, I was working on tour in New Jersey.

2) What is the best part about your job?
The best part of the job has been the opportunity to travel through the world while working. I have traveled through parts of North America, South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia. It has been a great experience to try the food and meet the local people from these destinations.

3) What is thw worst part of your job?
The worst part is being away from friends and family.

4) What is your favorite restaurant you have ever been to? Why?
The best restaurant I have ever been to is a difficult question. One of my favorites would be the Country House Pecora Nera in Teramo, Italy. In 2008, I drove with two other cooks from Berlin to Teramo. We stayed at this inn set in rolling farmer's fields. The Country House Pecora Nera had a restaurant which served the cuisine of Abruzzo and sourced everything locally. All the vegetables were grown by the chef's family and the pasta made by hand as well. I was never disappointed with what they served. They were good memories.

5) What do you hope to gain from your Cirque de Soleil experience?
In many ways, I have gained a renewed appreciation for home. I am looking forward to getting back to Toronto. I have also gained a bigger perspective of the many cultures around the world. Travel is good education. I have been really lucky to have had this experience.

From this interview, it keeps on reminding me there are many outlets and adventures in the food industry. See what is out there and what you truly like and want to do!

Happy Cooking,