Saturday, 26 June 2010

First Blog: Wedding Cake!

Saturday June 26th:
Since I Facebook, Twitter, and Foursqaure, I decided... "Why not blog?" I want to blog to get my name out in the Pacific Northwest, meet new people, and hopefully, bake more delicious baked goods for sweet people.
I am finishing up making a 4-tiered wedding cake for one of my best friend's wedding tomorrow. It is chocolate cake, raspberry filling, and white butter cream on the outside. The cake with be garnished with wedding her gorgeous flowers. I recreated her top tier, so they can save it, freeze it, and eat it in one year for their anniversary! One of my career goals is to make excellent tasting wedding cakes. I have tasted a variety of wedding cakes, which taste like a cardboard box combined with road kill. Some bakeries/cake shops will use cheap ingredients and "frosting from a box" to make their cakes, which will result in a horrible tasting wedding cake. Good ingredients = good tasting food!