Monday, 22 October 2012

Why I LOVE non-stick cookware!

Yes, I love non-stick cookware.
Cookware comes in three mediums: nonstick, stainless, or cast iron. Most people have a favorite, and least favorite. I truly love my non-stick. Want to know why? My top 3 facts are.....

1) It requires little maintaince: A little dish soap plus a sponge equals my pans clean up minutes. No use of special cleaners, polishers, or seasoning is required. Now, some non stick pans are dishwasher safe, making it even more convientent for busy people.

2) Little fat is needed: This is the main reason why non stick pans where created in the 60's. The demand for a healthier style of cooking that will require very little or zero oil. Many health freaks, people on diets, and newbie cooks love this feature about non stick cookware. I can cook a chicken breast with zero fat!

3) Beginner cooks can use it with ease: I always stress any level of cook can use non stick cookware versus stainless or cast iron. That is why it is the choice to have when living in a large household with multiple cooks!
Remember, non stick cookware has greatly improved in the last 5 years. It has become stronger, safer, and more durable than 10, 12, even 15 years ago!

To make your non stick pans last longer, please:
-Avoid aerosol non stick sprays!
-Hand wash only.
-Pre-heat your cookware before adding your food.
-Medium heat only.
Here are my top 5 answers to my most commonly asked questions about non-stick cookware:
1) What makes a non-stick pan different from one another?
A: The patent. Thus, every cookware line owns their own non-stick "recipe." That recipe is held top secret so no other cookware company can copy it.
2) How safe is non-stick cookware? I heard it causes cancer and illness?
A: No proven cancer/illness case has been linked with non-stick cookware. Cookware companies have to follow rules given by the FDA before we can selling it to the domestic market.
3) What is PFOA? I heard it is horrible for you and your body!
 A: Perfluorooctanoic acid is a synthetic chemical compound, made from DuPont.
FACT: Good non-stick cookware is naturally PFOA free if the coating is applied correctly and at a very high heat.
A sad FACT: About 98% of us have PFOA in our blood stream because it is found in pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, take-out containers, frozen food boxes, carpet and house hold cleaners.
4) What is all this buzz with ceramic cookware? I heard it truly is chemical free!
A: Yes, it is truly chemical free. The down fall? Ceramic-base coatings are naturally soft and weak. Thus, they tend to wear down faster than a non ceramic coating.
5) Non-stick coatings can go in a stainless steel pan or hard anodized pan, which is better?
A: Non stick in a hard anodized pan. Hard anodized aluminum is very porus, thus the coating attaches itself better than a super slick stainless steel pan.
Overall, pick a cookware line that uses and advertises a great non-stick patent. Check with the manufactures directions about proper care and use.
Happy Cooking!

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