Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What makes a pot and pan handle STAY COOL!

Not only should cookware preform well and deliever delicious meals, it should accent your kitchen and easy to handle and maintain! One of the most popular questions I get from customers and friends about pots and pans is: "How do I know if the handle stays cool when cooking?" This is key: you do NOT want to injury your hand because your cookware handle was not properly constructed.

For truly "stay cool" handles, I recommend two material types:

1) Silicone handles (usually combined with stainless steel)


2) Cast stainless steel


-Silicone is naturally heat-safe to 400 degrees F. For a cookware handle, silicone should be "wrapped" around a stainless steel bar for longevity. Look for a thick, strong, and sturdy handle!

-Stainless steel is appealing because it attractive and it last forever, yet it still conducts heat....poorly. That is why GOOD stainless steel handles should be "hollowed" out in the middle to avoid any sort of heat conduction. Look for the words "cast stainless steel handles." Also, with stainless steel handles, if there is a "triangle-shaped" part on the exterior of the pan, that connects with the long handle, it is a GOOD THING! Just like hollowing the handle, that shape breaks down the heat conduction (from the pan to the handle) for a guaranteed stay-cool handle.

Please avoid:
-Pure, solid metal handles with a rubber or silicone grip over it. This means the handle was not hollowed out and to make it a "less expensive" stay-cool handle, the company just put a cover on it.
-Plastic handles or plastic-blended handles.
-Pure rubber handles.

Key questions to ask about handles when you are purchasing:

If it is a stainless steel handle:
1) Is the center of the handle hollowed out? (Correct answer: Yes!)
2) Is the stainless steel casted? (Correct answer: Yes!)
3) Are these guaranteed to stay cool while cooking on the stove top? (Correct answer: Yes!)

If it is a silicone handle:
1) Is this pure silicone over a stainless steel bar? (Correct answer: Yes!)
2) Is the silicone area, 100% silicone or is it blended with other products like plastic? (Correct answer: Yes!)
3) Are these guaranteed to stay cool while cooking on the stove top? (Correct answer: Yes!)

No matter if you choose a gorgeous stainless steel handle or comfy silicone handle for your cookware, it should stay cool while cooking up your favorite meal. Also, double check with the retail store's return policy, just in case there was a defect.

Happy Cooking,

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