Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cooper cookware: the pro's and con's!

Cookware can be created from 4 different materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, cooper, or iron. For your best heat conduction, a combination of the metals deliever superior and even heat for your food. Let's focus on the most expensive metal to make for cookware: cooper.

Cooper has a classic and professional "look" to it and delivers optimal heat control out of all the metals. Used since historic times, cooper is well-known for controlling heat throughout your pot or pan. Today, it is rare to find 100% cooper pans. Now, cooper is only lined at the bottom or exterior.

The facts:


-Controls heat the best.

-Cools down the fastest, thus reduces "warpping" (AKA: dented/uneven) at the bottom.

-You only need a small amount of cooper to get its benefits.

-Very attractive in your kitchen.


-Expensive, especially if the exterior is fully lined with cooper.

-Tarnishes (AKA: discolors) over time. Polishing is required on a regular basis.

-True, full cooper pans are heavy and hard to find.

Cooper cookware comes in two main forms: Combined with stainless steel and aluminum (AKA, "clad") or combined with hard anodized aluminum. Both constructions distribute heat evenly.

-Clad construction: Multi-layers will provide a well-heated pan, but may be costly in the end. Also remember, cooking on stainless steel will require more oil/fat, "elbow grease" when cleaning, and attention in the cooking process.

-Hard Anodized Aluminum (with a non-stick coating over it) : Hard Anodized aluminum is just a stronger, more durable aluminum. A protective coating goes over it so cooking is fast, easy, and less oil is needed.

When cooper is combined with the two constructions, your cookware is automatically going to heat more even! Think: evenly cooked chicken breast, tender stir fried veggies, and perfectly scrambled eggs. Delicious!

Are you just an every day, basic cooking chef with a busy life? Then fully lined cooper pans are not for you. I always recommend buying cookware for: your cooking ability, lifestyle, and schedule. Cooper core cookware is an excellent choice for serious cooks/chef who enjoy cooking gourmet meals and love to entertain. Looking to experiement with cooper cookware? Buy a small skillet and test out your culinary skills on it.

Happy cooking!

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