Tuesday, 26 August 2014


First off... What is a foodie? Someone who enjoys food for more than just fuel and calorie. We crave food flavors, sensations,  and textures. We think about our next meal yesterday, analyze food reviews, and get really, really excited over new restaurant openings.

Like any other hobby or interest, we get recommendations and questions about, well, food. Some we are more tired of answering but will happily do it in the name of food.

 And the questions are...

1) "What is your favorite restaurant?"
Answer: Tough. What cuisine? What price range? Lunch, dinner or breakfast? Are we talking just food or wine and spirits? High end or low end? Cooperate or mom and pop?
My answer: I answer this questions with other questions. Then happily answer their questions.

2) "What's your favorite dish?" (AKA entree)
Answer: Hard. My favorite childhood dish? Or holiday dish? Dish for one? Dish for ten? Family style dish? High end fancy-schamcy dish? The choices and answers are endless.
My answer:  I pick my top 3 all time favorites and answer their question.

3) "What's your favorite cooking or baking book?"
Answer: There are millions of delicious cook/baking books in the world and yet to be published. I have a bounty of books that I easily accumulate over the years.
My answer: When asked this, I pick a basic cooking book, baking book, and my latest one I added to my collection.

4) "What is your favorite cuisine?"
Answer: Like most, I have more than one cuisine I enjoy. In one day, I am enjoying dim sum for breakfast, that afternoon I am indulging with a chocolate crossiant, and for dinner I'm feasting on homemade risotto. My taste buds range from super spicy to super sweet.
My answer: All Asian cuisines and French cuisine tops my list.

5) "What is your favorite dessert?"
Answer: Just like with question #2, I have multiple favorite desserts. Which one I enjoy most depends on the day and meal before hand.
My answer: Anything chocolate or made with seasonal fruit. My favorite sweet snack are French macarons.

What I love about being a foodie is being asked questions about food, local restaurants, and bakeries. Being a person-to-ask is a food blessing and I can't wait to spread more knowledge through Seattle and Eastside.
Let me know what your answers to these popular questions in the comment section below.

Happy Cooking,

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