Friday, 5 September 2014

Why I loooovvveeeeee butter: My top 3 reasons!

Baking and cooking all require fat. Fat brings out: flavor, enhances other flavors, and, well, makes food taste darn good. Like salt, it is require for any type of cooking, no matter what cuisine or dish you are creating in your kitchen.

What is butter? For you newbies, butter is made by simply churning ("agitate") fresh cream or milk. And, ta-da, a creamy-yellow mixture appears! I love it on toast, to baking chocolate cookies, or a simple sauté of veggies.


Here are my top 3 reasons I can't get enough of butter:

1) Butter melts in your mouth.
Unlike fake fats, like margarine or shortening, butter is a natural fat, thus melts at body temperature. Once it hits your mouth, it dissolves into pure magical foodie goodness. Fake fats tend to leave a weird, white film on your mouth and anything it touches.

2) Butter is natural.
Usually made from cows milk, you will not see any fake, weird, or odd ingredients when you read butter's nutritional facts. It is no secret I enjoy food...wholesome, re al, and unprocessed food. Butter is one of those foods I just can't get enough of.

3) Butter adheres to other flavors....easily.
Compound butter made with fine herbs, cinnamon-sugar butter for toast, European-style butter for grilled steaks....the list goes on and on. Smooth, creamy butter adds depth and flavor to other ingredients. It is rare I consume butter by itself, usually it is paired with other Pacific Northwest ingredients.

Like tea, there are many flavors and varieties of butters on the market. Try them. Try them on different foods with different herbs and spices. One thing I love about food is experimenting and see what the Seattle-community is eating and enjoying.

Butter is one true ingredient that will never go away from any professional or domestic kitchen.

Happy Cooking!

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