Sunday, 27 January 2013

First foodie interview of 2013: Get to know Whitney Heinrich of CRAFTED.

Welcome to my first interview on 2013, peeps: Whitney Heinrich is a smart young woman who is also a fellow Girl Power Hour ( blogger. She started and created "CRAFTED" to bring unique and one-of-a-kind treats to the Seattle and Eastside community. When she is not baking up a storm, Whitney is very like me: loves new cocktails, trying new restaurants in Seattle, and simply being sweet.

Whitney, in action, at an event with her treats.

Get to know Whitney, read my interview below:

1) What 'sparked' your love of baking and creating sweet things?
What sparked my love for baking was when I was working at a local coffee shop in high school and I would bring in cupcakes, and people would rave about them and tell me I should be selling them. I hadn't thought about that as a profession before, but at that moment I was like hey...I could totally do this and be happy forever

2) Describe your experience at the French Culinary Institute.
Going into the FCI I had totally pictured myself becoming a wedding cake designer, it wasn't till I started school and saw how much more was out there. I got really excited when menu planning came along, I knew I had to be the one to come up with my own ideas and not follow others.

3) Why did you start Crafted? What do you hope to do with Crafted?
Delicious breads are made with love and nice ingredients.
I started Crafted because I truly feel I can offer unique and special dessert concepts to clients. I love to break the rules in pastry and come up with flavor combo's and dessert offerings that are off the "norm" - I strive for that whimsical factor. Right now I am going with the flow with Crafted and letting it become what the community wants and needs, but long term I would love to have a small shop with crafted cocktails, house brewed beer, small plates, and those whimsical dessert concepts I love to come up with! I have a true passion for everything culinary, not just pastry.

4) You are a big foodie! What's your favorite restaurant in the Seattle area?
There are so many amazing restaurants, but I think my all time favorite "foodie" restaurant is Crush. I love what Jason Wilson and his team do, I love their service staff, and their pastry chef Lori always keeps me on my toes - I mean come on.. she came up with a Douglas Fir sorbet!

5) What is your favorite sweet treat to eat?
My favorite sweet treat has to be anything that involves the s'mores concept. You can't beat a good s'mores and I think that's why one of the first set of recipes I nailed down were for Crafted's s'mores kit.

Perfect Valentines Day treats!

To buy these delicious treats, check out CRAFTED's Etsy Shop:

Plus she is social media friendly:

Happy Baking,

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