Sunday, 6 January 2013

My top predictions for the Seattle foodie community in 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a very kind, exciting, and of course, SWEET New Year celebration. I know most people like to go on a health kick in the beginning of the year, but just remember a nice cookie won't hurt your diet.

2013 will be a fantastic year for food! Not only do I enjoying cooking and baking for my friends and family, I like see what is new and improved out in the community. Luckily, Seattle is a HUGE foodie city filled with fresh sushi, local wines, baked goods, and distilleries.

Here are my top 3 foodie predictions for the Seattle community:

1) More distilleries will open: Wine bars and local breweries are already a HUGE success in Seattle. We love good food AND good drinks. Those who forgo wine or beer (don't ask me why!) enjoy a delicious cold hard cider or hard liquor on the rocks. (Look out: "Capital Cider," a strictly hard cider house due to open in this year in Capital Hill.)

2) Dessert Buffets for private/special events: Wedding cakes are a curse and blessing. The time, labor, and skill it takes to create a one-of-a-kind cake is hard and long. Yet, the tradition cake adds flair and "oohs-ahhs" at your reception. More brides and grooms are opting for dessert buffets filled with mini cupcakes, cookies, and candies. Plus, this is MUCH easier to serve a large crowd!

3) Cheese added to desserts: If it is mascrapone, cream cheese, goat cheese, or even a mild cheddar, I've been seeing more cheeses being incorporated in desserts. Move over cheese platter, the dessert needs room!

Now I know with every trend, another one must leave. Thus here is my list for my top 3 Seattle foodie trends that must take a quiet exit.

1) Truffle oil: First off, I love the stuff. Over grilled chicken, homemade popcorn, or sourdough bread. But putting it over Please stop, thank you.

2) Making every item on a restaurant's menu gluten-free: Yes, I do enjoy eating naturally gluten-free foods like fruits, veggies, rice, and quinoa. Yet, when you make your super juicy bacon burger "GF," just to please a couple customers, it makes the rest of us crave that sesame seed bun. A nice alternative? Just have a small seperate menu with items that are gluten-free or can be specially prepped to be gluten-free.

3) Over-dosing on Asian sauces: Trust me, I love sriricha, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce when I cook. But, when gobs of it are all over my sushi, fish, or salad, it gets out of control. I like to order it on the side and add as much as I please. I have never been a "extra mayo" kinda girl, always "sauce on the side," please.

I hope everyone goes out in 2013 and:
-Trys a new restaurant or bar.
-Enjoy a fancy cocktail.
-Order something different at a "regular" restaurant.
-Cook and bake something delicious!

Happy Baking!

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