Monday, 19 November 2012

S.U.M: A fun, secret, and DELICIOUS food event!

Last Saturday evening in Seattle's SODO District, it was rainy. Grey. Miserable. But, outside a large abandoned warehouse, there were colored paper signs that said "SUM -->." Inside, long lines of  hungry foodies eagerly wait for a sample of one of Seattle's new, upcoming, and popular restuarants and catering businesses.

Exactly what is S.U.M? It is Seattle's Underground Market, a pop-up foodie event that happens monthly, all over the greater Seattle- area and Eastside. Did you know Underground Markets happen all over the USA? Yup, S.U.M. was inspired by San Franciso's Underground Market.
Eveytime the location changes, making it a true way to explore the city I live in! How do you know where the location is? Sign up to become a member and you will receive email updates before an event happens.

With a small entry fee ($10), and bites costing $1-$3/per plate, it is easy to sample a large variety of cuisine under $20.00. Chefs, restauranteers, and bakers unite to show off their best of the best for the community. From a small dessert catering business, to a popular asian restaurant, and a fresh squeezed juice bar, there are many offerings to delight your palate.

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What did I try and LOVE? The POP-shrimp were golden delicious-ness of popcorn and deep fried shrimp. The seared ahi tuna was one of the most popular offerings! Chiptole braised pork and corn pudding offered comfort food to the crowd in the stormy weather. Plus, the Mexician Coffee kept my hands warm!

I can't wait for another S.U.M!

Happy Cooking,

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