Thursday, 6 September 2012

Theo's chocolate tasting with Google Plus Local: sweetness in your community!

If you know me, I love a new foodie event and meet fellow people in my community. Thus, that is why I am avid attendee of Google Plus Local events in the Seattle-area. Google Plus is a social media site where you and mix and mingle with current and new friends, globally! Google Places is a rate and review app (download it now in your smart phone!) to help you choose the right business for your needs. All the reviews are done by customers, not paid writers or editors.

On Sept. 5th, Google Plus Local hosted a very sweet chocolate event with theo's chocolate factory in Fremont, a hip Seattle neighborhood. Theo's chocolate is "proud to be the only Organic, Fair Trade, Fair for Life certified Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Factory in North America. " Growing since 2006, they are dedicated to making delicious, safe, and real chocolate for nation.
From "Spicy Chili" chocolate bars, to "Grey Salted Caramels," and the classic "Coffee" chocolate, there is a sweet treat to delight anyone's taste buds.

Theo's Chocolate - Retail Store in Fremont (Seattle, WA).
Wondering through the sweet smelling chocolate factory, it was amazing to see how the chocolate is carefully mass produced for the public. Every detail is considered and not left out. The host gave us a brief history about theo's mission statement and chocolate.

Inside the lecture room at theo's chocolate factory.

The best part of the tour? Making our homemade chocolate bark with theo's own dark chocolate. One of the pastry chefs gave us a demo on how she personally makes chocolate bark for the retail store.

The special tempering machine for the chocolate.

The Pastry Chef lightly "taps" the tempered chocolate, on the baking sheet, to remove any air bubbles.

 Theo provided us with chocolate and toppings to make our own homemade chocolate bark to take home and share. Working in teams of three, everyone had more than enough chocolate to go around!

Our chocolate bark: Half sesame candy and half dried banana-strawberry.

I love going to these events because I meet new foodie friends in the community!

Overall, the event was a sweet success: I ate too much chocolate, saw the inside of a real chocolate factory, and have my chocolate container FILLED at home. Thank you again to Google Plus Local, Google Places, theo's chocolate, and Charles Koh for hosting the event.

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Happy Baking!

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