Thursday, 9 August 2012

Heart-shaped sweet treats? Yes, please!

Through social media, I am lucky to meet new bloggers, fellow foodies, and discover new baking products. While reading my tweets one day, I stumbled upon a company called Mastrad, which sells unique baking pans and kitchen supplies. After conversing on twitter, they read my "cupcakes and cookware" blog, loved it, and sent me their heart-shaped silicone baking cups to "test" and try out.

They arrived in a plastic container, which is VERY helpful for storage and making sure they stay organized in my pantry. The heart-shaped baking cups are made of silicone, which has its benefits over other bakeware mediums: dishwasher safe, super easy to clean/maintain, and heat safe to 480 degrees F.

Why heart shaped? Why not? I can see myself baking cupcakes and brownies, with my niece and nephew, with these cups! Plus they make it convenient for a "one size serving." No extra time is needed for greasing pans or cutting brownies. PERFECT for a busy parent, beginner baker, or a special holiday treat.

My "test" drive? Baking homemade brownies in the cups. Six of 'em fit perfect in my 9 inch round cake pan. I let them cool 100% before unmolding them. Having heart-shaped homemade brownies is such a treat!
Overall, I am pleased and happy with my Mastrad baking cups. They are easy to use and clean, which is always a bonus. I look forward to using more of their products in the future and recommending their bakeware for fellow bakers and cooks
For more information on Mastrad and their products, check out:
facebook: "Like" Mastrad, Inc
twitter: follow @mastrad

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