Saturday, 20 August 2011


It's August, the sun is shining, and love is in the air! Wedding season is in full bloom. Not only do I have personal experience being in 5 gorgeous weddings, I talked to brides and grooms on a constant basis about wedding cakes, for Sweetness, and cookware, for Meyer Cookware at macys home store in Bellevue Sqaure. I feel like my work-life is always surrounded by young, love birds looking for a great and stylish wedding cake and decent, long-lasting cookware.

It is 2010, and weddings are now a "business" versus a casual party, 20 years ago. And what is the best part of a wedding? The (free!) food and (free!) drinks. It is a happy celebration party and having great food really puts "the cherry on top."

From talking to people and seeing weddings blossom, I noticed food trends within the business. There are three main trends are spreading and becoming more popular.

1) CUPCAKES: Yes, I am being bias! But, cupcakes are a wonderful way to give each guest their "own" little treat instead of a slice of a wedding cake nobody is going to eat. Having mini cupcakes and a cake at your wedding is a HIT!

2) EDIBLE GUEST FLAVOR: My beautiful cousin, Kristina, just got married and as wedding favors, she and her family made mini wedding cakes "cookies." They added such a personal touch to the event and everyone truly enjoyed their hard work.

3) ETHNIC FOODS: Dried out chicken breast? Soggy veggies? Over-dressed salad? The typical American fare is no longer being served at weddings. More brides and grooms are choosing THEIR favorite global cuisine, such as thai, sushi, or Indian. Since the Pacific Northwest is such a melting pot for cultures, it is becoming more and more trendy to see ethnic cuisines being served at weddings.

The wedding business can only grow UP from today's standards. I love seeing new food, colors, and little special favors at every wedding I see, hear or attend. Let me know which new wedding trend is your favorite!

Happy Baking!


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