Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I love meeting new people and love hearing what types of foods they like around Seattle. That is why I am a frequent attendee of Google Places events. What is Google Places? First off, down load the app. (It looks like a red ball with a black dot in the middle.) Second, rate and review your FAVORITE restaurants, bars, bakeries, and attractions. Third, attend Google Places events! They are held at local restaurants, bars, and foodie places. Not only are there (usually free!) samples, but great local and up-to-date information about food and business.

When I saw Google Places were hosting an event at Chocolopolis, I emailed my RSVP to Charles Koh, the host and community manager. Chocolopolis is located in Queen Anne and carries more than 200 chocolate bars from all over the world! Being a chocolate lover, I felt like I stepped into heaven once I set foot in the store.

Not only did we sample some amazing chocolate, we recieved a brief lecture on chocolate and chocolate making. Compared to mass produce chocolate, Chocolopolis' chocolate will sure to blow your mind and wow your taste buds.

I bought a 100% cacoa bar. Basically, an unsweetened, very bitter chocolate. What did I think? Yes, it was bitter, yet smooth and refined. It smelled like chocolate and warm tones. It tasted even better with a Malbec!

Now, go check out Chocoloplis for GREAT artisian chocolate. (http://www.chocolopolis.com/index.php) Go check out Google Places (twitter: @GoogleSeattle) and rate and review: http://www.google.com/places/.

Happy Baking!


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