Monday, 8 August 2011


In today's food world, everyone is concerned about eating great tasting food AND staying lean and healthy. More and more healthier options are appearing in restaurants, bars, and grocery stores. People are taking time and cooking their own food and making sure they know EXACTLY what is going into their bodies.

One healthy tip I always recommend to healthy cooks and foodies: USE NON-STICK pans! (Versus stainless steel pans; with stainless steel pans, you will need to use more cooking fat than a non-stick pan.) Why? You have to use very little or zero fat when cooking. Of course, if you do to choose to fat, use a real fat like extra virgin olive oil or pure butter. But, people are concerned with food stick to their cookware and using aresol sprays, like PAM brand, in their cooking. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, every use aresol sprays in your cookware! Why? The aresol KILLS non-stick pan and your non-stick surface will fade away and start to chip and scratch. Thus, your gorgeous, new non-stick pan is useless. Remember, if you want your food NOT to stick to your cook/bakeware, just use some real oil/butter or buy non-stick cookware. Another option is to purchase an oil mister (found in cooking stores) and fill it with your favorite oil instead!

What are those aresol sprays made out of anyway? Answer: "Cooking spray is a spray form of an oil as a lubricant, lecithin as an emulsifier, and a propellant such as food-grade alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane." And, you want to put that into your body and food? Most good quality non-stick cook/bakeware will NOT require any type of greasing. If you do, I like to use a paper towel, rubbed with real butter, and "grease" the baking pan with it.

Remember, eat, cook, and bake with real food!

Happy Baking!


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