Saturday, 15 January 2011

"KNOW WHERE TO SPEND YOUR DOUGH!" My exciting interview-series with local business owners!

Do you want a fun, exciting, and thriving community? Want your town to be a place you are proud of? Do you desire a great place to show off to friends and family? HELP out your community by spending your money at local businesses. Local businesses help make your community REAL, warm, and rich.
I will be interviewing local business owners to help out the community and keep you updated on what is up and coming.

My first interview is with Carolann Schmidt. She is the owner/founder of Carolann Joy Salon in downtown Redmond. A great, exciting salon in the Redmond beauty industry. I asked Carolann questions about running a local business and getting into the beauty industry.

1) What made you want to get into the hair-beauty industry?Besides having a natural talent for it... I love making people feel more confident and beautiful.

2) What are 3 important skills to have when operating your own business?People skills for sure. You have to be able to deal with the not so kind people in this world with out getting your feelings hurt. Being prompt is key! You have to be on time and fast to responding to customers. Lastly I think it's important to be creative.

3) What are some things people can do if they want to get into the hair-beauty industry? (But have no experience)Go check out local beauty schools, visit salon owners and interview them... ask the ugly questions, like "what's the worst part about being in this industry" They'll tell ya!

4) What are future goals you have for your salon?I plan to keep growing! I hope to have to build a new salon in the next five years. My salon will be a positive environment where stylist love working at and clients feel valued. We hope to always keep the personal space feel we have going on now in the future salons.

5) Why should people come and visit you at your salon?People should give our salon a try because we are that sweet escape away from the business this life brings. We are that salon where women walk out refreshed and feeling uplifted.

For more information about Carolannn Joy Salon, check out their website and FB page.
The salon number to book appointments: 206-715-6993!/CarolannJoySalon

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