Saturday, 29 January 2011

KNOW WHERE TO SPEND YOUR DOUGH: My exciting interview series continues with Michael Duncan, owner of Miked Up Productions.

KNOW WHERE TO SPEND YOUR DOUGH: My exciting interview series with local business owners!

Do you want a fun, exciting, and thriving community? Want your town to be a place you are proud of? Do you desire a great place to show off to friends and family? HELP out your community by spending your money at local businesses. Local businesses help make your community REAL, warm, and rich.
I will be interviewing local business owners to help out the community and keep you updated on what is up and coming.

My next interview is with Michael Duncan. He is the owner/operator of "Miked Up Productions." He specializes in fun lighting and music for any special event. Michael is passionate about his work and is a true professional in his field.

1) You created "Miked up Productions." What kind of work is it for people who do not know?
Miked Up Productions is a privately owned event service company. What that means is we do anything and everything from concert series lighting to helping a couple select their perfect cake cutting music. We aim to make your event as special and unique as you, the client are to us.

2) What inspired you to go out and create your own business?
I became inspired to start my own DJ company from the experience I have gained from working for friends and realizing this is what I want to do for a living. Inspiration for the lighting side of my company originally came from a meeting with Dan Connelly, a local musician. The diversity of the events I get to be a part of have kept me inspired and motivated, as I now am working with a number of different people, ranging from bands, bars, and couples.

3) Name three mistakes people do, that you've noticed, when people create their own business.
For myself and many others, organization can be a challenge. I'm constantly striving to keep all paperwork organized. The lack of design and up-keep of websites is also something I notice mistakes on when others create a business. What I mean by this is people either do not take the time to create a website, or they do not portray themselves in a way appropriate for their company. This is a feat which I feel I have just conquered. I also feel that new business need to dive farther into putting themselves out online. Facebook fan pages are always a good thing!

4) What has been the most exciting event you worked at?
I work a variety of events, which makes each event special and unique in their own way. This being said, I feel I cannot pick one event to be my most exciting. However, most are so exhilirating that I have to wear ear protection.

5) Why should people hire you versus someone else?
To put it simply, I've learned to take care of my customers. If that means planning a couple's wedding day, we can get it done. Or if it means coordinating a band's stage appearance, movements, and timing, we can do that too. I'm here to help your vision come to life in an organic and functional way.

For more information about "Miked up productions"
- Check out his website:
- Find and "Like" Miked Up Productions on facebook.

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