Monday, 26 March 2012

Why you NEED to eat more SWEETS!

Us pastry peeps, chefs, bakers, cooks, and foodies have it hard...we need to convince people to EAT MORE. Plus, the food we are promoting is "not-so-healthy". Chocolate, sugar, cake, and butter is not on any doctor's "must eat" list. We are constantly informed by medical professionals, media, and the community to "watch what we eat," only choose healthy choices, and avoid excess fat and sugar.

Then, WHY are more and more cupcake shops, coffee cafes, and fine dining restaurants are appearing in our local food scene? It is OK to indulge. In fact, I urge it. Limiting foods to a "complete no" will only make you want to eat it more. Tip #1: Never limit yourself, is it ok to fest in your life!

Make sure when you do FEST like a king or queen, you choose wisely. Only eat the best! You do live once and you should enjoy what you eat. I like real butter over fake fat, real sugar, and a 100% homemade baked good over a store-bought treat. Tip #2: Eat only real foods! Foods that other countries would recognize!

All that food will cause you to bounce off the walls with energy. Don't worry, with the outdoor scene in Seattle, you can walk around Greenlake, play frisbee in a nearby park, or play hoops with your neighbor. Want to stay indoors? Try yoga, circut training, or rock climbing. Tip #3: Stay active. Being healthy and physically active will make you mentally and physically sharp. Plus, it will burn off any extra calories you may be enjoying!

Overall advice: Make smart food choices 80% of the time, and for the rest of the 20%, indulge in delicious food. Stay active and fit. Live life and don't be afraid to try new food, activities, and diets!

Happy cooking,

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