Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Recap on Seattle's annual VEG FEST!

This past weekend, Seattle's Annual Veg Fest, happened at the Seattle Center. What is Veg Fest? A gathering of veggie peeps trying new vegan and vegetarian food from veg-friendly companies, business, and vendors.

Am I vegeterian? Nope. Yes, I used to be. Currently, my diet is 75% vegetarian and I am proud to say it! Why? It cost less and keeps me healthy and energized. Trust me, I work every day and need my spirits UP. A well-balanced diet keeps me mood and body right. And, a vegetarian diet helps me do that!

Of course the "big veggie players" were there: Boca, Garden Burger, and Field Roast brands. Many healthy and organic snack treat brands handed out full-size servings to the community. Plus, many 100% juice and smoothie vendors were quenching everyone's thirst. Afraid to try meatless meat? You can at Veg Fest, many "veggie" meat companies were offering samples. My fave: the samples of coconut water and vanilla soy ice-cream bars.

The festival was PACKED, even in late afternoon. Seattle is a very veggie-friendly community and we are open arms to anything new and healthy. This was my third year attending Veg Fest and I love getting new samples to try and inspirations for dishes.

Happy Baking,

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