Sunday, 23 October 2011

I love sweet stuff! Not only do I love baking goodies, I love giving it to other people as gifts. What is the hardest part when it comes to giving sweet gift: DELIVERING the treats. It could be 300 mini cupcakes for a wedding, a 4 tiered wedding cake, or bunches of cookies for a baby shower, transporting sweet stuff can get tricky. I have learned A TON from former gigs, work, and other pastry peeps across the world (thank you twitter and bloggers!).

Here are my top 3 tricks when it comes to delievering goodies for your next event!


-Empty all extra "sutff/junk" in your car. Clean out any trash. If you have car emergency bag, place it the passenger seat, away from the trunk. (I always put the sweet stuff in my trunk, it has a nice, flat bottom.)
-Especially in the summer and heat, keep your car cool. Blast the A/C 15 minutes before leaving for your destination. Heat will kill buttercream and soft frostings.
-Make sure you have a full tank of gas, too.


-What are they: They are soft, textured, liners that people use to line their cabniets and shelves with. I put them underneath my cake pans and goodie boxes to keep them from "slipping" and slidding around.
-The liners are often sold by the roll, making it very easy to cut accordingly to the box/cake pan size.
-Save them! If they get dirty, just wash 'em.

3) WITH CAKES, put them in a cake pan to transport.

-If I am transporting a round cake, I put it in a square cake pan and a cabinet liner underneath the pan. Thus, the pan keeps it from "bumping" around. If I am transporting a square cake, I put it in a round cake pan.
-The cake pans are extra duty versus putting them in a cardboard box.

Also, make sure you know where you are going! I always leave 15-25 minutes early so I can drive slow, find an easy parking spot, and call the host, in case I get lost. Many "get-away" places will have gravel and "rocky" roads, be careful! Drive extra cautious. If needed, park on the street and walk up. Yes, it will be more work, but well-worth it for the cake.

Happy Baking!

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