Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baking and Social Media: My two loves!

I love LOVE social media. Why? It helps me connect, not only with family and friends, but with people with similar interests and likes AROUND THE WORLD. My blog has been viewed by people in different countries, languages, and lifestyles. I feel blessed to have such global SWEET readers!

What is social media? "Media for social interaction, as a superset beyond social communication." Basically, when you use the internet to connect with people. For example, and are the most commonly used social media. Every social media site is a bit different and every user has his/her own purpose for using social media.

Why use social media? You could use it to stay in touch with close friends and family who you do not see often or maybe to meet a new friend with common interest. I use it for that reason AND to keep people posted at my business and let them know what direction SC is heading towards.

I love using twitter for SC. Why? I can search who is talking about what topics I am interested cupcakes, brownies, and cookies! I trade advice, secrets, and tips from other bakers, chefs, and foodies around the WORLD. I attend tweet-ups (a gathering of people using twitter) to see them "IRL" (In Real Life) and chat about other local events going on.

Will getting a twitter account, facebook page, or Google+ profile make you a booming, overnight success? Nah, probably not. Will it help you connect with people in your area and around the world? Yes. The more SWEET people you meet, the better life is! If you use it for that purpose. Go on. Chat and see what new friends you will make.

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