Friday, 4 March 2011

WHOLE FOODS: Why you should support their bakery department!

Whole Foods is a local, natural, organic, healthy food grocery store. Founded in Austin, Texas, the company strives to provide a better quality food and house hold products selection. I love their chocolate selection, bulk food department, and of course, their bakery!

I recently met with Mary Bot, the bakery department head of Redmond Whole Foods. What a wonderful and truly sweet person! She informed me about their bakery and what items they make. Did you know they make special and custom made wedding cakes? It is not your average grocery store wedding cakes. They add special custom details to every wedding cake and also do delievery. All the breakfast pastries are super popular since it is located right by their espresso stand, which offers rice milk! I love it!

From what I experience, Whole Foods bakery department has their act together! A great display case filled with mini pastries, cupcakes, yummy decorative cakes, pastries, and wedding cakes. Samples of angel food cake and cream pie were out for people to try and test.

Also, Redmond Whole Foods offers cooking and nutritional classes to the public. (A small fee might be required.) I can't wait to attend one and see what their teaching to the Redmond community.

Support business that are give benefit to the community and have employees that enjoy what they do!
facebook: Redmond Whole Foods
twitter: @RedmondWFM

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