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Not only do I love baking and cooking, I love helping out people with their problems and recipes. I truly believe in karma and helping one another to succeed! Remember, my motto is "Be, think, and eat sweet!"

Below I am answering the top 5 most asked questions I get from friends, family, and foodies. If you have any personal food questions, please ask! I love to help and shed some light on your problem. You can email me (, post your questions on my facebook fan page (Like 'Sweetness Catering'), or tweet me your question (@sweetnesscater).

1) I love watching the chocolate and sugar showpiece competition on the Food Network! I want to learn how to do that! Can you show me?
Answer: Remember, baking and cooking are skills and when you are building any type of skill you need to set your foundations FIRST. For example, when you're learning how to read, you learn the ABC'S, sentence structure, and nouns/verbs/adjectives. Then, you move onto reading an actual book. In baking and cooking, take small steps first. Learn basic knife skills, cooking knowledge, and mixing methods. Start by cooking/baking food YOU LIKE TO EAT! Do some research: read food blogs, watch the Food Network, ask your friends for their favorite recipe, and browse through magazines for recipes.

2) Why do some restaurants buy pre-package food and sell them?
Answer: Many chain restaurants order food pre-made for consistent quality, thus you will always get the same great meal every time. Many restaurants may have "their own special sauce" they have specially made just for their business only.
Also, for cost control. If someone messes up trimming a beef tenderloin, it can cost the restaurants extra money they don't have. Food places will buy pre-cuts of meats so it saves time on fabricating the entire protein.

3) How do I cut onions without crying?
Answer: Well, onions will always make you cry. It is their composition. When you cut an onion, you break the cells, releasing the contents. There are ways to AVOID a major tear-fest. First, use a sharp knife! Open a window and turn on the hood vent. Cut the knife as quickly as possible without cutting yourself.

4) I just bought a steel for my knife. Will that keep my knife sharp forever?
Answer: The steel is to MAINTAIN the sharpness in your knife, it will not actually sharpen the knife. The only way to sharpen your knife is to have your knife professionally sharpened. I don't like those small hand-held sharpeners, they don't do the job correctly and end up just ruining your knife. Think of the steel as "washing your hair" daily. Then, getting a hair cut is "getting your knife sharpened." The steel will only maintain the quality of your knife, not sharpen it.
How to use a steel? Here is a good description:

5) How to create new flavors for your baked good and food?
Answer: EVERYONE and EVERYTHING inspires me! Really. My two brothers love cinnamon rolls, so I am creating a cinnamon-roll cake with cream cheese frosting. One of my yoga teachers is gluten-free, so I create new gluten-free baked goods for her to taste test. I often offer cupcake taste-test to see what people like and dislike about my classic and new flavors. I saw a latte stand with a sign that read "New French Kiss Latte" and that sign inspired me to create a French Kiss Cupcake. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes.

I will post more answers to commonly asked questions in the future. Remember, I love helping people with their food and baking problems and questions. Just ask!
Happy Baking!

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