Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pomegrante's Lisa Dupar speaks at Redmond Library!

Lisa Dupar is a popular Redmond Chef who owns Lisa Dupar Catering and the always exciting Pomegrante Bistro. This past Thursday, she spoke at the Redmond library to a "food-loving" audience. Her new cookbook, based on Pomegrante's favorite dishes, is out at local book stores and is titled "fried chicken and champagne."

Lisa Dupar first made her mark in Redmond with her restaurant "Southern Accents" about 25 years ago. Growing up she knew she had a great desire for food, cooking, and the business. A great apprenticeship followed after high school in her home state, Georgia. After a "miss" with her first restaurant, Lisa soon opened "Lisa Dupar Catering" and shut down "Southern Accents." The catering service became a success and high demand for high end clients. Shortly after, Lisa decided to open "Pomegrante Bistro." The restaurant serves pacific northwest fare with a local wine/beer selection. Connected to the bistro is a small espresso stand that serves amazing little treats (try the ginger-molasses cookie!) and coffee drinks.

Lisa was a very engaging and natural speaker. She told us crazy catering stories, the love and passion for her business, and what it takes to make it in the food industry. She also answered questions from the "fan-based" audience. Overall, she talked about her business, life, and loves! Afterwards, she happily signed her cookbooks for fans.

Lisa Dupar's Catering and Pomegrante Bistro is located in downtown Redmond, WA.

Her new cookbook is out and contains many recipes from Pomegrante!

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