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KNOW WHERE TO SPEND YOUR DOUGH: My exciting interview series with local business owners continues with Carly, owner of carly.bish photography!

KNOW WHERE TO SPEND YOUR DOUGH: My exciting interview series with local business owners!

Do you want a fun, exciting, and thriving community? Want your town to be a place you are proud of? Do you desire a great place to show off to friends and family? HELP out your community by spending your money at local businesses. Local businesses help make your community REAL, warm, and rich.
I will be interviewing local business owners to help out the community and keep you updated on what is up and coming.

Carly is the owner/founder of carly.bish photography and does excellent photography work for your wedding or special event. She is truly passionate about her work and career and always gives 110% effort in every job she is hired to do.

1)What made you want to start your own photography business?I originally wanted to be a photojournalist, traveling the world for National Geographic or something like it. So when a friend asked me to photograph her wedding, it caught me by surprise. I had never considered shooting weddings so I was interested in trying it out. What ended up happening was more than I could have expected as I discovered I don't have the stomach for hard-hitting news stories but I'm really great at documenting life and all it's celebrations in a very artistic, photojournalistic way. So after my third wedding, I got my business license and I haven't looked back.

2)Name three skills you must have to open your own business. About 20% of running my business actually involves taking pictures, so it takes a willingness to deal with all the "other stuff" in order to succeed. If you can't handle the 80% that isn't related to what you really want to do, then you're better off pursuing it as a hobby rather than a profession. Secondly, you have to be able to work with people of all kinds. Shy people, outgoing people, withdrawn people, stubborn people... You adapt to everyone you work with and exceed their expectations every time. And last, you gotta love it. You have to love what you do if you're going to own and run your own business. If you lack passion, you can't endure, and it'll fizzle out before you even begin.

3)What has been your most memorable event you have photographed?I really can't pick one. I love shooting weddings and I feel extremely lucky because all my couples are so awesome and trust me completely. If I had to pick one event, unrelated to weddings, I'd probably say the photos I took on the day my nephew was born was pretty special. Being there the moment he arrived was amazing and breathtaking. I don't always get the opportunity to shoot moments like that, so I feel like I appreciate them a lot more than other events. Weddings will always be my favorite, though... It's always one to remember. :)

4)What do you love most about photography?I'm an artist but I'm also a documenter. Photography allows me to incorporate my two strongest characteristics and create one cohesive medium where I can perform both. I can't say that about anything else in my life--I feel incredibly lucky to do what I do for a living.

5)What can a person do if s/he is interested in photography but has little or no experience?
If you're interested in photography and have little to no experience, the first thing you need to do is simply start taking pictures. Then, work on getting plugged into some sort of group that meets regularly to discuss photography. I lead a "photography group" at my church and I have people with no experience and others with tons of experience join up. Every week, we talk about things we're interested in learning more about and we go to different locations and take photos. If there's no group near you that you can join, form your own! Start a group on Facebook and invite people you know who are interested in photography. Learn and share knowledge together. That's the best way to grow as a photographer.

For more information about Carly and her work:
facebook: find and "like" carly.bish photography
twitter: @carly.bish

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