Saturday, 11 December 2010


Happy Holidays to all! With the rush of shopping, planning special events, and baking lots of cookies and goodies, even I wait until the last minute to gift shop. I know everyone has a foodie friend in their life because everyone LOVES and ENJOYS good food! The gift of food and food-related items are warming, welcoming, and useful.
Read more to learn about a food-related gift giving guide!

FOR THE AMATEUR FOODIE: Beginner; Just learning tricks and tips around the kitchen; Has a thirst for food knowledge!

-Joy of Cooking cookbook; Any "learn how to" cook books.
-Nice matching untensils, like thongs, slotted spoons, and spatulas.
-Set of cooking pots and pans
-A good chefs knife and cutting board
-Oven mits

FOR THE MEDIUM-FOODIE: Better than a beginner; Can follow a recipe, but likes to add zest to it; Knows the basic kitchen tips and techniques.
-Cookbook from their favorite restaurant.
-New apron
-More specific gadgets (like microplane, zester, cheese knife, etc)
-Nice serving dishes for entertaining

FOR THE PRO FOODIE: Top Chef wannabe; creates new and exciting recipes; knife skills are solid; lives for food!
-Autograph copy of their favorite chef's cookbook
-Gift card for their knives to be sharpened
-Cooking classes at a local cooking school
-Attachments to their kitchen aid mixer or any other kitchen appliance

All and all, people love getting food-related gift items. It is a sweet way to say "Happy Holidays!" And who does not like getting homemade cookies? Baking something sweet is a great way to show love during the holiday season. Happy baking!

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