Monday, 10 June 2013

Why you should toss away your pure aluminum cookware!

Just like cell phones, technology, and care, the cookware industry is rapidly growing and changing....for the better. Cookware manufactures WANT you to have success with their products and cook delicious meals in them.

Back in the day, people used pure aluminum cookware. Why? It is: Abdundant, conducts heat pretty evenly, and is soft to mold into a variety of shapes and sizes.
Now, aluminum goes through a process called "anodizing." What is it exactly? Think: electro-chemical process to make aluminum STRONGER and conduct heat better. It turns into a dark gray, porus material versus the light, super shinny apperance.

It is rare that you will see pure aluminum cookware, for sale, in the domestic field today. It is either: hard anodized with a protective non-stick coating over it or combined with stainless steel.

Here are my top 3 reasons why it is great time to toss out your used aluminum cookware and upgrade your set:

1) Pure aluminum over time, it "worps." The pans "titer-toter" and become uneven on the bottom over time. It will not "sit flat" on your cooking range.

2) Aluminum reacts with acidic and citrus foods, causing a discolor in the pans. Watch out for food like tomato sauce and lemond curd to stain aluminum cookware.

3) Aluminum cookware is just...unattractive. Cookware is getting "cosmetic" and there are a variety of colored and bronze-toned cookware on the market. Not only should cooking and baking be fun, your pans should be, too!

Happy cooking,

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