Thursday, 21 March 2013

Review of Monday's Feral Feast: a delicious secret dinner in Queen Anne!

One of Seattle's newest restaurants is GRUB (, located in the heart of upper Queen Anne. Open 7 days a week, and serving delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees, it has a warm and simple menu that is sure to delight anyone's palette.

GRUB has been opened 6 months.
FERAL FEAST: Third Monday of every month.
GRUB has a delectable foodie "secret:"The third Monday of every month, 'Feral Feast," takes over with a new menu. The food and selected entrees are inspired by the season and Pacific Northwest cuisine.

Last Monday, the menu was dedicated to my two personal favorites: Spanish cuisine and spring weather.  The rain poured and the sun shined while I munched on seafood, braised chicken, and sipped a bold red.

With 8 dishes to choose from, you can purchase 3,4, or 5 dishes that look the most appealing to you. I , of course, attempted to eat as much as possible. Done and done.

Peas and Carrots.

"Peas and carrots" was one of my favorites dishes, why? It is effortless, light, and made me dream of spring weather. The cured sockeye salmon complimented the spicy pickled carrots nicely.

Pork Belly.
The super cripsy pork belly made me lick the plate clean. Well, before I devoured the mustard greens, clams, and potatoes. Portion size was nearly perfect, I knew I was going to consume more delightful dishes.
Seafood "Pa'ella."

My appetite was slowly being satisified...I pat myself on the back for wearing my soft jeggings and forgetting my belt.

Pa'amb Tomoquet.
Pa'amb Tomoquet was a nice appetizer. The crunchy bread with the sweetness of the tomato jam seem to "butter the Jamon Iberico.
Even the couple sitting next to my was eyeing this dish, too bad I ate it all. Not even leaving a cumb.

I have a confession: I am not a HUGE cold soup person. I like it hot. Pipping hot, during a cold Seattle rainstorm, while watching reruns of some corny high school drama show. But, THIS, white gazpacho, I like. The toasted almonds gave it a crunch, while the grapes and apple added a soft sweet taste.

I ended Feral's feast with a warm, raisin rice pudding. I hope I see more sweet puddings on Seattle's dessert menus...they are soothing, comforting, and a perfect getaway from a sudden burst of rain.
Sherry braised Chicken.
All in all: I was pleased and happy that I tried new and contempary food without spending a fortune. 'Pop-up' restaurants are the latest Seattle trend in food, and I can't wait to see ths success in Feral's Feast at GRUB.
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Save the date for the next feast: Monday April 15th!
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