Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LATEST INTERVIEW: With fellow baker and cupcake lover, Jenni Liu, from "Jenni's Sugar Shop."

As you know, I love meeting new people through social media, networking events, and foodie gatherings in the Seattle area. I constantly talk to Jenni, on twitter, about food, baking, and cupcakes. We find out we have TONS in common: we both are avid attendees of Google Plus Local events, love cupcakes, and live a busy lifestyle since we both have a small dessert business and work full time.

Below is my interview with Jenni Liu:

Brief bio on Jenni's Sugar Shop:

Jenni's Sugar Shop is an online dessert catering company that specializes in cupcakes, french macarons, and other sweet treats. I started it because I love baking and have always dreamed of opening my own bakery someday. I love baking and bringing joy to others through my sweet treats.


1) You seem to love baking for others, what was the "spark" that made you create Jenni's sugar shop?

I have always loved to bake for friends, for family, and for coworkers. However, over time, buying new equipment and quality ingredients really adds up. They had encouraged me to open my own shop for several years, but a storefront is a huge risk and a lot of overhead. With Jenni's Sugar Shop, since it is online-based, I get paid to do what I love -- it's a dream come true.

2) What are your most popular treats?

My most popular treats are my s'more cupcakes, carrot cake, "crack pies", and french macarons.

3) You live a similar lifestyle to me: we both work but also have a side business. How do you balance it all?

Sometimes it is difficult to manage all the things I do, but having a great support system through my family and close friends is key -- they keep me sane! Plus, playing sports and walking my dog are great stress relievers.

4) You are also a big foodie, what is your favorite restaurant in Seattle?

That is a tough question! There are so many good restaurants in Seattle. I would have to say that it's a tie between Harvest Vine and Nishino.

5) What is some advice you learned that you can give to others wanting to start a dessert business?

I think it's best to start small. Try it out and make sure it is something you love to do and want to pursue, then dive in.

From my conversations with Jenni, she is TRULY a sweet young woman with the confidence to balance a busy lifestyle. Plus, her macarons are devine!

Check her out:
facebook:!/JennisSugarShop "like" Jenni's Sugar Shop
twitter: @jennissugarshop

Happy Baking!

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