Monday, 25 June 2012

How to properly "prep" your baking pans!

Picking the right pan size and "prepping" it for baking is a lesson all its own. Get the correct pan size and your delicious baked goods will come out even and uniform in size. If you do not have the right baking pan size, or you did not prepare it correctly, your baked good will come out mishaped.

Look the photo above. Two banana bread loaves baked in the exact same size loaf pan. The difference? I "prepped" each pan differently.

In the top pan: I lightly greased the inside with soft butter, cut parchment paper in long strips, and layed the paper over the buttered surface.
Notice: full, uniform, and perfect loaf size.

In the bottom pan: I only buttered the inside of the pan. I did not use parchment paper.
Notice: a slighty edge on the sides. 

Results? The top loaf is, overall, more uniform in size, thanks to the butter and parchment paper. The bottom loaf still has a loaf-like shape, but since there was no parchment paper to "help" the loaf grow while baking, the sides slid down causing its mishape. THIS is why I like to prep my pans with butter and parchment paper. (Please forgo aersol, non-stick sprays! My avid readers know how much I dislike them!)

Prepping your baking pans is simple and easy! I love baking with a thick-gauge, non-stick bakeware because it is super easy to clean, bakes evenly, and afforable.
Step One: Using about 1/8 teaspoon of soften, unsalted butter, I rubbed it inside my pan with my hand. Make sure you get the edges and sides!

Step Two: Cut parchment paper to the pan's size. In a standard loaf pan, I first cut a long rectangle-shape and place it down the middle.
Step Three: I cut two more large pieces of parchment paper and lay it over the long sides. Ta-da! You are finished with your pans. Be sure to have all of your pans ready-to-go before you start baking. Thus, once you are done making your batter or dough, all you have to do is pour it in your pan and bake!

Happy Baking!

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