Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Carmen and Andrew's wedding: A SWEET SUCCESS!

I love meeting brides and grooms who KNOW EXACTLY what they want at their wedding. When I met Andrew and Carmen, a lovely young couple, we hit it off right from the start. They described their wedding ("black and white" decor, family-oriented, romatic) and how they wanted to include cake and cupcakes in their special day, I knew what to make. Something simple, yet delicious.

Sticking with the black and white theme, I went with netural colored cake and frosting flavors. No "razzle-dazzle" or "blueberry bomb" is going to be at their wedding. After a cake and frosting testing (done at the comfort at their home), they decided on two cupcake flavors: 1) Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream 2) Banana cake with chocolate-caramel cake. The two tiered cake ended up being a lemon cake with a raspberry filling with black and white decor on the outside.

The wedding location, The Pickering Farm in downtown Issaquah, was a PERFECT location for a baker: smooth pavement, easy access from I-90, and no gravel/bumps in the roads. The event center was an old school dairy farm with a modern twist. With the rain and wind the background, it had a very "pacific northwest" feel to the special day.

Carmen set aside a long table just for the cake and cupcakes. It was very easy to set up and work with all the other vendors. AND, Carmen and Andrew LOVED the cake and cupcakes, which equals SWEET SUCCESS!

Congrats you two! Many blessings for a wonderful life.

Happy Baking!

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