Thursday, 24 November 2011

What to do with your leftovers! My TOP 3 TIPS!

I love Thanksgiving! WHY: it is a holiday dedicated to food, family, caring, and feeling blessed. With all the new and traditional dishes being served, it is a PROMISE that you will have leftovers.

Read my top 3 tips on what to do with your Turkey Day extras:

1) Cranberry Sauce:
This is my favorite leftover. Why? You can add cranberry to so many different baked goods to get a nice holiday flavor.
*Add it to a pastry cream for a cranberry cream filling for a chocolate cake.
*Add it to a plain muffin mix for cranberry muffins.
*Add some more sugar and water to it, to make a basic jam for pancakes and waffles.

2) Rolls:

No matter what type of roll you had with your Turkey day dinner, there is a great use for them.
*Chop them up for homemade crutons.
*Make bread pudding.
*Make mini turkey sandwiches.
*If it was a plain, soft roll, make small french toasts!

3) Turkey:
Turkey is very universal and has many uses for leftover dishes. Of course, you could always just eat it straight!
*Chop it up with some leftover veggies for a turkey salad.
*Make turkey sandwiches and wraps.
*Make turkey soup.
*Make a turkey casserole with all of the Thanksgiving leftovers.

The best part about having leftovers is enjoying a great meal days after the holiday. Not only is Thanksgiving about delicious food, it is about being with people who care and respect you. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Cooking!

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