Sunday, 17 July 2011

Secrets to TASTY baked goods!

People always ask me: what are tips to make sure my cookie/pie/cake/other baked good TASTE amazing? I love helping people and sharing tips and tricks that I always use. Read more to find out my top 5 favorite ingredients to add to baked goods.

Remember, good, quality baked goods with come from good ingredients! Do not be afraid to add new ingredients when baking or cooking.


1) REAL Vanilla bean: Yes, true vanilla beans are pricey but worth it. Vanilla is a mild, suttle flavor that adds a true, and pure flavor. If you cannot afford real vanilla beans, buy real vanilla extract versus imitation vanilla.

2) ZEST from lemon/lime/orange: I love using a microplane (hand-held fancy "shredder" or "zester") when zesting citrus fruits. The zest (the outside part of the citrus fruit) has a TON flavor and adds a bold taste. I love zesting lemons and oranges for my mixed berry delightful pie and adding some zested limes to a chicken marinade.

3) NUT: Toasting nuts and adding them as a garnish on my cupcakes add flavor, textures, and crunch! Putting some walnuts in my chocolate fudge brownies gives it a salty-sweet flavors. ALL Nuts add GOOD fat and flavor to your next baked good. My favorite are almonds and walnuts.

4) REAL BUTTER: No, not margarine or "I can't believe it's not butter!" REAL, all-fat butter adds creaminess and "melt-in-your-mouth" qualities to your next pastry. Trust me, there is a difference between a cookie made with real butter and one made with magarine. The cost difference is little and it is better for your body to consume realy fat versus a fake fat.

5) CHOCOLATE: Yes, I am bias, but I love adding rich, dark chocolate to almost ANYTHING I bake. It could be added to my Chocolate cloud cupcakes, turtle brownies, almond shortbread, or peanut butter bars! Dark chocolate (look for "70% caoco" or higher) adds a rich, almost bitter taste to your baked treats.

Step out of the box and add more flavor to your next sweet treats. Please let me know what you're baking and cooking!

Happy baking,

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