Saturday, 23 April 2011

Recap on last Sunday's Second Annual Cupcake Camp!

On a sunny Sunday, many cupcake bakers, lovers, and adorers gathered at the Canal, in Ballard, to celebrate CUPCAKES! Yes, the magnificent little treats filled the room with sweet smells and delights. What could top off a gorgeous day better than sharing some sweetness with the community?!

Last year's cupcake camp I attended I supported Spitfire Restaurant, where I currently work. I brought my "kimm-chi" cupcakes, made with real kimchi, and it received honorable mention for the most unique cupcake.

This year, I went as Sweetness Catering and had my own personal table set up! I know simplicity sells, so I brought my chocolate cloud (all chocolate) and white cloud (all vanilla) cupcakes. There were a TON of unique and creative cupcake flavors brought my major cupcake business, small bakeries, and personal caterers, like myself. I felt so honored to be among such sweet, successful, and amazing businesses.

Not only did I get to present my cupcakes, all 350 mini's, I got my word out to the public, met lovers of anything sweet, and saw familiar faces from last year! Kudos to Carrie Middlemiss, owner of Bella Cupcake Couture ( who organized and hosted the ENTIRE event. She is one truly sweet and kind soul.

I can't wait for more foodie events in the Seattle-area and next year's cupcake camp. I am already brainstorming more creative flavors to share with the public.
Happy baking!

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