Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Cheers all! How many of you enjoyed the snow fall right before Turkey day? I love the holidays because it is filled with great love, family, friends, food, and lots and lots of baking!
Getting together with large groups of people can either be stress-induced or stress-free. Whether you're planning a holiday work party, the annual family's Christmas feast, or a cookie bake off with your fellow friends...follow these easy breezy tips on throwing a great party!

TIP ONE: Plan it out! Write it out! Schedule!-First, compose a large e-mail and ask everyone if a certain day works well for the holiday bash. You may find out certain days/weekends will not work for all. Go with the majority. Tell people to "save the date" until the formal invite arrives.
-On your calender, write out what you want to accomplish before the party. Is the menu planned out? How about the gifts? Extra table and chairs on hand? Who is bringing the eggnog? Write a list of who is in charge of what.
TIP TWO: Be ahead of the game!-Two days before the large bash, set your schedule pretty clear. Doing "little" things before the party can help! For example, setting the table, putting out extra chairs, cleaning/tidding up, wine glasses out, etc.
-Ask for a couple close pals to come early and help out! Don't be afraid, people love to help one another during the holiday rush.
TIP THREE: Don't do it all! -Have everyone bring food so you don't have to do ALL the cooking!
-You set one drink (like a fun and festive drink) and have others bring wine, beer, and soda.
-Unless there is an activity already set, have people bring their favorite game to play.
-Decide early if young children are allowed to come. If so, have a designated room for them and have them bring their own toys/games/movies.

The holidays ARE suppose to be a fun, festive, and lovely time! Enjoy seeing new and old friends, family, and loved ones. Take time to enjoy good company with good food. Happy holidays and happy baking to all!

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