Sunday, 22 August 2010

Cake versus Pie Event (August 9th)

On Monday August, pie and cake bakers gather at Jessie Olsen's "Cake Spy" shop in Capital Hill. Jessie's shop, "Cake spy," is filled with "cupcake" artwork, greeting cards, and fun kitchen tools. I recommend going in on a rainy afternoon! ( This super cute store was filled with professional and home bakers ready to share their delights. This event was to see if people liked cake or pie better. I was happily on Team Pie and baked my Mixed Berry Delightful Pie with my famous streusel topping.
The judges ranged from pie bakers, cake lovers, and Jessie herself (she did host the event)! In between tasting, pie and cake poems were read and people gossiped about their secrets to their pie crust and cake frosting. The atmosphere was sweet, fun, and magical.
When the winners were called, I did not hear my name. I did not feel bad because I did get many compliments on my pie and my pie server/carrier. Team Pie did come out as top dog and I feel proud to be a part of the winning team. What did win? A peach-blackberry pie (for Team Pie) and homemade ding-dongs (for Team Cake). All the entries, though, were tasty, creative, and made with love.
Lessons learned? People want a good, homemade pie and cake. Nothing fancy or over the top. A good, buttery, flakey crust, a delicious filling, and a nice crumb topping. This shows that basics and simple cooking/baking techniques are the fundamentals to a great baking/cooking career.

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